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The story

Lil Heart was founded on August 10, 2020 by Owner and CEO Jaylen Kello. Coming from very humble beginnings, Jaylen is no stranger to hardship; he was raised by a single mother and is the oldest of five children. From the age of 13, Jaylen has strived to set and achieve goals, with the mindset of wanting more out of life than those around him. However, after graduating high school, he realized that he was living a lifestyle of “being broke and,” which is something he didn’t want to settle for. After participating in a lot of sports and working several 9-5 jobs, he knew it was time for him to follow his passion and become an entrepreneur. At the age of 18, Jaylen started his clothing brand, Lil Heart Apparel. As he continues to build his brand, Jaylen aims to spread a message of positivity, awareness, and fashion to his customers. Jaylen is going to continue to help others along his journey and show the world who he is.


Lil Heart is an urban lifestyle fashion brand that is constantly growing. Our designs are like no other, because our CEO, Jaylen Kello creates each design with a specific message and purpose. We believe that you can be simple yet fashionable and unique in your expression of style. When you wear Lil Heart Apparel, we hope others can’t help but notice your style. Our goal is to consistently create designs that help you “put your heart into fashion.”

Put your Heart in Fashion
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